Pins and needles, needles and pins
(yo D what’s up)
Pins and needles, needles and pins
(yo what’s up milk what’s up?)
10, 9, 8, 7
(yo what’s up milk?)
6, 5, 4
(yo chill what’s up what’s up?)
3, 2, 1
Now what am I mad about?
(i don’t know man)

In my particular style, I rhyme a while
Then I crack a smile, then I change again
Now say, hypothetically, that I am medically
Insane, then why are you still my friend?
I want an avenue far, far, away from you
But yet the audio two rehearse
You say it in front of me, try to make fun of me
Sayin’ I’m second, but who is first?
The questions, the questions, the questions, the questions!!
(yo milk chill! chill, chill, chill chill)

In my particular way, I like to say, hey
To the people as I go by
If I’m actin polite and I say it alright
Then explain to me why you don’t say, hi?
I’m livin’ on a plateau, in somebody’s shadow
Yet I go on to reach my goal
You robbin’ and stealin’, wheelin’ and dealin’
Sayin’ you straight, but who’s in control?
The questions hah, the questions, the questions, the questions!

Yo, I don’t know what’s goin’ giz
I need a cup of milk
I need a cup of milk
(what are you talkin’ about d? here’s some milk)
Yo forget the cup, I don’t want no-cup!
(aight aight aight)
Gimme a glass, a full glass!
(here’s your glass)
Yo, where’s my girl? where is my girl?
(yo milk, chill)
Come here sweetheart, I miss you!
(i ain’t gonna tell you, do I have to tie you up and hurt you or what?)

In my particular show, I say “say ho!”
Then I go, now I’m back again
You said I’m weak and wack, is that a fact
Who’s clockin ducats while you’re partyin?
You said you don’t care about the clothes you wear
But it’s not fair because apartheid’s wack
You say milk is buggin, like milk is druggin
Shakin your head but brother who’s on the crack?
The questions, the questions, the questions hah, the questions!!

(aight we gonna chill on that)
With this particular beat, I got you movin’ your feet
And the heat in the room will make the devil grin
But yet behind my back you persist I’m wack
But wait, who paid their money, to get in?
You say you need a savior, with a different flavor
The road I’m pavin’, is paved in gold
(calm down)
It’s not around my neck, but mostly in my pocket
Compare the two images, now who is bold?
The questions, the questions, the questions, the questions!!
(cool out, I thought you was chillin’)
The questions, the questions yeah
(chill out, calm down)
The questions, the questions!!
The questions! the questions boy! the questions! the quest-ions!
The questions sucka the questions the questions the questions
(yo yo yo yo milk! chill out!)
The questions!
(i can’t take it no more! chill!)