Hey, clowns, have you dug the latest jive on the surfar?
No, man!
Well they got him.
They got who?
You know, that man that’s been cooking up that jive,
selling it to these folks ’round town,
makin ’em have them funny dreams.
You mean the hoodoo man?
Oh no, that cat thought he was just too grand!
Well gay, somebody done hoodoo’d the hoodoo man
Smack me down with the story gay

Ol’ Joe Hannah from Louisiana,
A hoodoo king in every manner
But i found out with out a doubt,
The tables had turned on him

He ain’t got a tooth in his head,
Poor Ol’ Joe is almost dead
Somebody done hoodoo’d the hoodoo man

10, 10, double 10, 45, 15,
Joe cant drink no gin
Ain’t nothing go over the devil’s back
that don’t buckle under his chin

His face looks just like gravel sand
And everybody’s got Joe on the pan
Somebody done hoodoo’d the hoodoo man

Somebody done cooked up some stuff in a pot,
Not too cold and not to hot
They dropped a few drops in Joe’s beef stew
Now he’s blowing his top, he don’t know what to do

They don’t know who did it
They can’t find out
But he’s done hoodoo’d his last hoodoo without a doubt

Somebody done hoodoo’d
Done hoodoo’d the hoodoo man