Ayo what’s up E Double?

[Erick Sermon]

Yo whole thing man got a lot of customers out there man trying

to get paid off what we made.


Ayo rapping ain’t your field you took the wrong trade. So you’d

better get a grip on them lips and get off the…

[P] Ayo yo yo I be the P twice E M D

[E] I be the E double E in the place to be

[P] Ayo what up E man we in there man?

[E] You know we in there, trying to get paid, know what I’m saying?

[P] Yo, we gotta step out hard this year

[E] Pee check this out, this is how it’s going down

[Erick Sermon]

There was a Hardy Boy mystery you were trying to solve

Can’t understand why you got involved

Here’s a clue, try the ghetto master blaster

Now think who causes disaster

Clue number two, you give up?

I figured, it was K La Boss on the cut

He had help, sucker duck, now that’s clue number three

You wrong, cause it was EPMD


MC’s, get off the bandwagon

I’m not bragging, but tagging

And snagging the biter that tries to imitate

Time to go on strike and demonstrate

On the fo, that does not N-O

That if he pulls my card, I’m good to flow

Toe to toe, blow to blow, without H2O

Ayo, you want to battle? I’m good to G-O

Get off the bandwagon (Repeat 2x)

[Erick Sermon]

This ain’t a blast from the past, it’s a boomer from the future

Feel free to scream “Ho” or “Yo” if it suits you

While the bass is booming and your face is glooming

Saying the E double E is def, you’re not assuming

They’re only one of many that think a jealous fellow

Say “yep” then step cause I’m cooler


Say “Hmmm” now you’re through, you’re how not who

Before I’m gluing that butt like Krazy Glue

I roll into the party as if I was Five-O

Book investigation biters like Columbo

Pushing rap for some info in exchange for a jumbo

And when I find a sucker it’s time to play Rambo

Or play Commando, you know?

I knew it was the sucker with the New Jack-ified afro

We rock rhymes then we we run em a while

Sucker MC’s catch on, then they bite our style

They’re confused, dazed, and amused

Sweating and thing because their rhymes are used

Seen us in the crowd then they own their cost

They run around like a chicken with their heads cut off

Get off the bandwagon (Repeat 2x)

[Erick Sermon]

While my volume was swaying, you were saying

“Who was that brother?” while the record was playing

I felt kinda happy like an ego trip

I had to laugh cause my energy’s tip

My tradition is dissing in this position

And right about now I’m in perfect condition

And don’t get mad, and don’t stop hissing

Don’t say nothing homeboy just listen


No talk or playing, sucker MC’s I be slaying

Get off the bandwagon, you know what I’m saying?

I devastate the hip-hop scene

Keep the feet moving like a dancing machine

E got my back (yeah) K La Boss on the scratch

You wild on the groove with the beat on wax

I’m in my own world, no room for distraction

Controlling MC’s while La Boss keeps scratching

Get off the bandwagon (Repeat 2x)