Anything we should know about your change? — Before I was undiscovered
When I was invincible
Nobody could kill the silence
And probably no one will again

The future was unrelated
Alternatives all pursued
The lives have got separated
When others were split in two

And I don’t remember now
Where I’m supposed to be
I slide between the waves and ride
The frequency alone

They might have agreed to listen
If I didn’t lose control
But I was as lost as they were
As still as a heart grown cold

And I don’t recall how I became
The one I used to be
I heard the strains of life begin
Within the frequency that night

I walked through the walls

Hold on tight, lives are gonna change
King of his kingdom is surely falling out of range
Stay a while in the present tense
All in good time, you’ll find your innocence

Now, as a final fire
Climbs into the single spire
High above the wireless world it hovers

So, as the brightest child
Sinks into the safest arms
Tied against the bomb that hands above us

I could’ve stayed
If you were mine
If time remained
The reasons would’ve rhymed

But I don’t remember now where I should be
Find me where you don’t believe me
There’s a warning in between the memories
Can you hear me through the whitest noise

I slide between the waves and ride the frequency

Light and sound conceal me
They shield me from danger signs
Make me understand it
How can I quit these power lines